Central School of Practical Nursing

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CSPN's program is forty-six (46) weeks in length. There are four (4) levels in the program:

In each level, there is an average of two (2) days of classroom instruction, and two (2) days of clinical experience per week.

Individuals with military experience and training will have credentials assessed individually for awarding of advanced placement credit(s).

Download our 2018 school calendar

Download our 2019 school calendar

Transcripts can be obtained using this form, and are available for graduates as well as non-graduates of CSPN.

To complement our program, we also host a wide array of services available to help students in their personal and academic lives, including a multi-media learning center.

As required by the final regulations 668.6 (b), published in the Federal Register, our gainful employment disclosure statement is available as a web page here.