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When deciding to return to school and begin a career in the healthcare field I chose CSPN. I realized that if I want to be one of the best, then I must certainly attend one of the best schools. The instructors and staff are dedicated to your success and are available to give extra help when needed. After attending CSPN, I felt as though I have gained such a sound foundation that there is no reason I can't succeed at obtaining higher goals! I am now enrolled in classes to become an RN.

Sharell Thaxton, LPN — CSPN Class 154

CSPN taught me so much not just about nursing but also about the work ethic. What I learned as a CSPN student has helped me to conduct myself as a professional and to hold myself at a higher standard. I am currently working with the VA health system and went on to earn my RN. I am proud to say that I am a graduate of CSPN's 147th Class!

Saiydah Weems, RN — CSPN Class 147

The entire staff at CSPN is very unique and special, each in their own way, and they all are very passionate and caring women. I feel CSPN has not only given me the tools and knowledge to be successful, but also the inspiration to be a good nurse.

Christine Linde, LPN — CSPN Class 153

I am proud to be a graduate of CSPN. The knowledge and confidence I gained from the program have served me well. The program is very well-rounded and the staff was extremely supportive; their support continues post-graduation.

Bassey Ijoma, LPN — CSPN Class 147

Due to the economy, I was challenged with making a career change. Nursing had always been a dream of mine, but with no prior health care experience, I was apprehensive. In the classroom, the instructors were always willing to take the time to answer questions and explain concepts. During clinical, the instructors were supportive and provided instant feedback. The individual attention CSPN provided has given me the skills and knowledge I need to succeed. I am confident in my new role as an LPN!

Christina Gonzalez, LPN — CSPN Class 156

Central gave me a really good foundation to start out on, and I really appreciate the professionalism the instructors displayed in theory and clinicals. I will always keep Central in my mind.

Jennifer Thomas, LPN — CSPN Class 156

I thank the entire staff for all your patience and help in giving me a new career. I am so glad and thankful I attended CSPN.

Godfrey Nwakanma, LPN — CSPN Class 156

Central School of Practical Nursing prepares the whole person for the vocation of nursing and the entire staff is supportive and encouraging. The curriculum is an interlocked building block system, so while you learn one subject, another subject is reinforced, and the clinical experience and instruction bring the whole thing together. My decision to attend Central is one I will never regret.

Paola Marcuz, LPN — CSPN Class 153

I work on a skilled unit, and our residents come and go with so much of exactly what we learned. The other nurses I work with are always surprised to hear that I've only been a nurse for 3 months, and I thank Central and all the wonderful staff for that. I love my new career.

Kelly Armbrecht, LPN — CSPN Class 157

I find that being a Central graduate opens doors for me and provides unique opportunities. I am proud to be a graduate of such a highly reputable program.

Angel Perry, LPN — CSPN Class 157

I always considered myself a professional, and it was a privilege to be in an environment where there is a commitment and passion for caring. I will always remember my year at Central and feel like I gained a new family.

Natasha Johnson, LPN — CSPN Class 157

I genuinely love being a nurse, and my residents love me too! Thank you and all the staff for your dedication.

Marguriet Sims, LPN — CSPN Class 157

I would like to thank Central School for giving me a chance. I felt very prepared for my work as a nurse in a skilled facility with a very diverse and complex population.

Shonda Warren Randle, LPN — CSPN Class 157

Thank you to CSPN for the help and encouragement, and for giving me an excellent education. Today has marked the change of my life forever - I have received my license number and I am officially a LPN. Now to the next step - the start of my career.

Sheree Wilkerson, LPN — CSPN Class 159

"Since completing my LPN, I am happy to be working in the field as a nurse. I am also attending an RN program, which is going very well, thanks to the strong background I received at CSPN."

Annet Nazziwa, LPN — CSPN Class 156

I'm glad I had the opportunity to attend Central. CSPN has a group of wonderful instructors and I feel that I was well prepared for the NCLEX.

Jessica Ambrose, LPN — CSPN Class 160

My education at CSPN helped me in my work as an LPN in the prison system and as a medic in the United States Army. My learning was well-above the scope of what was expected for LPNs and the assistance I received from faculty even after graduation continued to be immensely helpful. I have recommended the school numerous times.

Rick Reagan, LPN — CSPN 152

Attending Central was one of the best decisions of my life. I know that I graduated with the skills and knowledge that enable me to provide the highest quality of care. I tell everyone who is considering nursing to go to CSPN.

Michelle Colegrove, LPN — CSPN Class 151

After thirty years, I made the decision to change careers and researched several nursing programs. Central School of Practical Nursing came very highly recommended by several nurses I consulted. The office staff was very helpful with getting started and each and every instructor taught with great passion for the profession of nursing. The instructors and support staff were all very available to support and help each step of the way. After completing the program I was very prepared to pass the NCLEX exam and begin working as a very competent, compassionate and professional LPN. I found when applying for jobs, being a graduate from CSPN opened several doors for me. I am thankful for the superior education CSPN gave me to be prepared for the both rewarding and demanding career of nursing.

Dawn Kidney, LPN — CSPN Class 161

I got a great education from CSPN, which has led to an expansive career as a nurse for the past 20 years. I have worked as a travel nurse in Texas, New Mexico, Florida, Maine, and Georgia. In addition, I've worked as a nurse on a ship for a major cruise company. I'm glad I invested in my education then; I'm still enjoying the rewards now.

John Barker, LPN — CSPN Class 123

I currently am the ADON (Assistant Director of Nursing) at a long-term care facility, and I love what I do. I cannot thank CSPN enough for the wonderful education that allowed me to be where I am today.

Teresa Beam, LPN — CSPN Class 142

I was thrilled to be offered a job as a school nurse shortly after graduation. Thank you to CSPN for making my dreams come true!

Anna Horvath, LPN — CSPN Class 164

Central left a lasting impression on me. I am now a nurse practitioner, but to this day the program at CSPN was the hardest nursing program that I went through...and it was the best foundation a nurse could get.

Jillian Chandler MSN, APRN, NP-C — CSPN Class 149

I continue to get compliments on my skills and I believe that I would not be the nurse that I am today without CSPN.

Diane Schiavone, LPN — CSPN Class 157

Thank you so much for the support during the whole school year and beyond. I love my new job and feel very prepared.

Brooke Walters, LPN — CSPN, Class 167

Central was the jumping-off point for the rest of my life, and I couldn't be happier.

Christopher Szymczyk, LPN — CSPN Class 169

I am proud to be a CSPN graduate and I can tell a Central grad from a mile away!

Stacy Aldridge, RN — CSPN Class 150

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