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Entrance Exam

About the test

CSPN uses a proprietary examination which covers reading comprehension and basic math. The reading comprehension portion is 45 minutes in length, and requires a score of 67% or higher to pass.

The math portion consists of 23 basic math problems including:

This section of the test is 45 minutes in length, and requires a score of 67% or higher to pass. CSPN will provide a calculator for you to use.

Click here to download some practice math problems, with answers.

You can download additional problems, with fractions, here.

You may re-take only the math portion of the test once per enrollment period.

How to register for the entrance exam

The entrance exam fee ($40) is non-refundable.

Please see this page for the most up-to-date available days and times. Registering and paying online assures you of a seat on the date and time of your choice. Alternatively, you may register and pay in cash (or via money order) in person. Limited walk-in seats may or may not be available on the day of the test.

We regret that we cannot accept personal checks the entrance exam fee.

Please note that a minimum of a 2.0 grade point average is required to apply to Central.

Reviewing for the test

Any book that has reading comprehension practice questions will be helpful. A GED review book would be one example.

For the math portion of the test, remember to download the sample math questions above. Some helpful web pages for fractions review:

Click here to see when the entrance exam is offered.